Resources for students

Are you studying project management? I’m often contacted by students asking for help. I am unable to offer personal advice on what topic you should do your dissertation on. However, here are some resources that may be useful.

Social media and project management resources

I have put together a free social media and project management further resources handout (.pdf) that you can access here. This includes links to various companies’ social media guidelines and a reading list.

You can also download Appendix A of my book (.pdf) , Social Media for Project Managers, which is a short task list to consider when planning your own social media initiative.

If you are researching the uses of social media tools for project management, these things could be helpful:

Things by me:

Social Media for Project Managers (yes, this is my book!)

Social media for project managers book website

Get Started Using Social Media On Your Projects 10-week e-course (free)

Get Started Using Social Media On Your Projects ebook (not free)

Social Media in a Project Environment research report for 2010 (scroll down until you see it) and 2011.

Only Connect: Using Social Media for Member Communications: presentation at PMI EMEA Leadership Institute Meeting, May 2011.

Teleconference on social media for project managers hosted by APM Women in Project Management group (this is an interview with me by Dr Penny Pullan).

Podcast on social media for project managers hosted by Cornelius Fichtner of The Project Management Podcast.

Social media tools for project teams: article in PMI Community Post, January 2011.

‘Social Club': article in Project, February 2011, pp17-20 (I am a co-author).

‘New Rules of Engagement’: article in Project, Nov/Dec 2010 pp33-35.

Is Social Media a Waste of Time? Podcast hosted by Parallel Project Training, June 2010.


Things by other people:

Virtual Working Summit: this is a resource about how to work well together virtually. It is not specifically about project management but it is run by an APM member, Dr Penny Pullan and is relevant to virtual project teams.

Projecthacking11: presentation by Koos de Heer about social media in projects (in Dutch, but mainly pictures).

A Fool with a Tool is still a Fool: Overcoming Possible Pitfalls of Introducing Collaboration Tools: an article by Thomas Juli based on his presentation at PMI Global Congress North America 2010.

Blogging and project management survey by Dennis D. McDonald.

Project Management in the Twitter era by Lon Roberts.

APM social media discussion group.

Know of any other research, articles or presentations about project management and social media? Let me know.