I know how frustrating it can be to sit through a meeting which feels like a waste of time.  
Through ready-to-use templates, checklists and a 12-page ebook, the Meetings Template Kit helps managers and teams prepare professionally, follow through afterwards and get the most out of their meetings.


Have you ever sat through a meeting and wondered why you were there? Have you wondered how your colleagues manage to get so much done in their meetings and why yours are different? This kit has everything you need for better meetings.

"Most project managers will agree that meetings can be less than productive for their teams, as well as themselves. But there's treatment available: Elizabeth Harrin's "Meetings Template Kit" delivers a set of principles and tools for planning, conducting, and following up on efficient meetings.

Five easily customized templates, a sample agenda, and a brief-but-thorough e-book, written in Elizabeth's personable but professional style.

Like a good meeting: quick, effective, and to the point. Highly recommended."

Dave Gordon
The Practicing IT Project Manager

The Kit Includes:

How To Have Better Meetings: A 12-page ebook covering the types of meetings you’ll have at work plus advice on how to prepare for them, chair them and follow up afterwards.

A meeting agenda template (Word and PDF versions) that details what goes in which section to make planning your meetings a breeze.

A sample agenda, so you can see what a completed agenda looks like.

Two different templates for meeting minutes (both with Word and PDF versions) so you can choose a format that suits you. Again, these include what you need to put in each section.

A pre-meeting checklist, to get your meetings off to a great start.

A post-meeting checklist that you can use after your meeting to ensure everything is followed up appropriately.

A Word From The Author

“Meetings are an essential part of working life. Over time I’ve built up a collection of personal templates and checklists to make sure that I get what I want out of meetings and that no one leaves the room feeling like they’ve just wasted an hour of their life.

I’ve also devised strategies for chairing a meeting and making sure everything is documented afterwards so that no one gets away with not doing their actions.

Now you can have all that hard-won knowledge. If you’ve ever felt like there has to be a better way to prepare and run meetings then you won’t want to miss this ebook and templates!