Guest post guidelines

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management does publish guest posts. Here are some guidelines to make sure that your pitch is likely to be accepted.

General guidelines

  • Do your homework. Read a few articles so you know what we publish. We don’t publish articles that are a pitch for your product, or articles that are not about project management, project leadership, or women at work.
  • Don’t let your articles read like Wikipedia.
  • “An Introduction to…” article is generally too basic for the audience of A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. Use examples, case studies, research and stories. If you use research, link to the original material, not a website that has summarised the material for you. Check your sources!
  • We want first publication rights, but not exclusive rights (although that is nice).
  • The primary objective should be knowledge sharing and not the link. A good quality post relevant to our readers will naturally attract backlinks over time.

Editorial guidelines

  • Check your work for grammar errors. If English is not your first language, we can help with light editing.
  • Most of this blog is written in UK English. US or UK English is OK but be consistent throughout your post.
  • Provide a short bio (which can include a link to your company or product) and a photo of yourself and/or a copyright-free graphic to illustrate the post.
  • Guest posts should be 600-800 words.
  • No ‘hidden’ links. Readers should know where they will end up when they click a link. For example “Project management is a good career,” where ‘project management’ links to your company’s website, is not OK. “Tools like XYZ project management software can help you schedule,” where ‘XYZ project management software’ links to your product is OK.

Be prepared for edits and/or feedback. Guest posts are rarely accepted exactly as they are submitted. It’s normally the ends of articles that are the problem. Following these guidelines (and working on your closing paragraph) will increase the chances of your post being accepted and published quickly.

Ready to submit your ideas? Great! Get in touch here.