Carnival of Project Management #50

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Woo hoo! This is our 50th Blog Carnival. It’s the round up of recent, interesting articles from the project management web. Margaret Meloni presents Who ARE these people? posted at A Path to Peace, saying, “A stakeholder is a person or organization who may be positively or negatively impacted by your project. That can beClick for more

Carnival of Project Management #49

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There wasn’t a Carnival in February – things got slightly overtaken with the arrival of Oliver, so here’s the first Carnival of Project Management for 2014. It’s my round up of interesting articles from across the web. Bruce McGraw presents How do you celebrate birthdays? (celebrating team milestones) posted at the Fear No Project Blog,Click for more

Carnival of Project Management #48

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Welcome to the November/December 2013 edition of the Carnival of Project Management. Here are the top posts from this month, in a handy round up for you. Jonathan Feist presents Project Lists: Seeing the Big Picture posted at Actionmint, saying, “A useful tip for dealing with overwhelm from the complexity of your work is toClick for more