Should I take CAPM or PRINCE2?

Should I take CAPM or PRINCE?

Post updated 27 January 2015. Recently I was contacted by someone who wanted advice about which project management certification scheme to pursue. She asked whether she should take CAPM or the PRINCE2 Foundation. Is it possible to take CAPM and then PRINCE2 Practitioner or are the standards different, she asked? And are PMP and PRINCE2Click for more

The Inexorable Rise of PRINCE2®

Simon Buehring

This is a guest post by Simon Buehring The number of people gaining PRINCE2® qualifications just keeps on growing and growing. September 2012 saw the total number of PRINCE2 examinations being sat break through the one million mark. That’s a pretty remarkable figure especially since this has been achieved in just 16 years since PRINCE2Click for more