Good service, bad service

“Good morning, Elizabeth,” says the man at the coffee stand. “The usual?” “Yes, please.” I fiddle with my purse to get the correct change. “Sorry, I don’t have enough money,” I say. “I’ll just go to the cash machine.” I leave the counter and cross the street to the nearest cash point. When I getClick for more

From the archives

Can you believe I’ve been blogging for four and a half years?  Time has flown past and in that time I’ve met some amazing people and done some really interesting projects.  Here’s a look back at what we were talking about: This time last year: Recovering troubled programmes.  The 5-step approach to recovering a programmeClick for more

Fixed date projects: more advice from the experts

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Last week we saw that PRINCE2 doesn’t really have much advice to offer the project manager stuck with delivering to a fixed date.  I also gave you some advice from another expert, J LeRoy Ward at ESI.  Surely some other project management experts have tackled this problem?  I trawled my bookcase for what other peopleClick for more