Dr Thomas Juli talks about i-Sparks

In this video I talk briefly to Dr Thomas Juli about his new community project, i-Sparks.


Hi. My name is Thomas Juli; I’m the founder of a new community called i-Sparks. It’s an open community for people and organisations interested in social change which will help grow their ideas into projects for success.

So what does this mean?

So you have an idea for social change in your environment but you don’t know how to grow this into a project. This is your chance. This community will help you come up with a motivation, the vision and a project objective statement then you can share with the community. The community will help you qualify it, fine tune it and then eventually help set up a project for success.

The community i-Sparks will help you organise it, will provide you with the necessary tools. That’s the cool thing. We’ll actually also help you fund your project for success.

Compared to some other open innovation platforms i-Sparks focuses on social projects because we feel that you would likely be more passionate about it and it will have a local impact. Even though people from all over the world can help you set up the project for success.

So if you have any questions, please visit i-Sparks, either i-Sparks.com or i-Sparks.net. Please help us grow this community so we can help make this planet a better world.

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