How PRINCE2 can change your outlook

This is a guest post by Maria Burton from Focus On Training.

What is it about any business proposal that makes it more important than any other? I am about to present one of the most important business presentations of my entire career. It has to be fresh and bold. My mind flashes back to a time when I was in college, barely awake during a business class as one of the professors is talking about the importance of time management and presenting the hook. I had to be convincing and inspiring.

And then I remembered my PRINCE2 certification training. With one deep breath, I entered the room and I was no longer hesitant, but ready to face this room ready to blow them away. They would leave the presentation, more than interested in what they were about to be part of.

PRINCE2 training is not just about learning to be a project manager and to deliver projects. There are stages of the process and each stage entails a different amount of responsibility and also of confidence with which your superiors can comfortably trust you. So, facing this training and the invaluable information that you will gain is a process that is encountered successfully one step at a time.

Consistency and reliability

The first and possibly the most important is that it is consistent in its practices and recognised all over the world. The basis of this program is that it provides individuals with greater control of their resources and teaches the ability to manage project risk and business more efficiently which will benefit all involved stakeholders.

Steps to success – a source of confidence

The PRINCE2 approach to training involves various steps of expertise; those with Formula 1 training will be given extensive trust and independence on even the most difficult and challenging projects while those with Formula 3 training will be given support and guidance throughout the process. This insures the company and the employees that they will be entrusted with what they are capable of without fear of reprisal or failure. Top management will be able to choose those team members according to their ability levels, guaranteeing that projects are successfully handled and managed accordingly.

A beneficial employment asset

PRINCE2 is a valuable tool to possess. Those who have certification will not only be valued in their present positions, but will be able to use this information on resumes and in interviews. Just as holding a degree is an important asset, or experience with certain types of business are considered assets, this certification is also considered an asset that is respected and sought after, especially in the UK but also around the world.

The business world is one that requires intelligence and assertiveness, intuition and instinct about how to get to the top. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work, but for those who are, there are endless opportunities. Taking advantage of all of them is critical and certifying in business management practices like PRINCE2 is a significant step in the right direction.

In the end my presentation to that room full of people went really well which I put down to my PRINCE2 training. You see, it’s more than just a qualification. It gave me the confidence to deal with the situation at hand. Maybe you’re the same? Maybe you just need that something extra to separate you from your colleagues.

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Maria Burton is one of the coordinators for Focus On Training. Her roles include organising all PRINCE2 training and ITIL courses as well as keeping the company blog up to date. In her spare time Maria loves reading crime novels and going to the gym.


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