Clarizen: What’s new?

Everyone seems to be releasing new software at the moment, and Clarizen is no exception.  Version 4.8 of their project management software is now out and it has several new features including resource load simulation that allows users to perform what-if-simulation on resource assignments.  This is a great feature, because it allows you to model what would happen if you added tasks to someone’s workload, and you can see the effects to the capacity of a team member.

The new version also provides a view that can be embedded into a corporate intranet for real-time access to project status.  The idea behind the whole release was to give companies the chance to become “real-time enterprises” by improving the way they look at the important business processes in the organisation, so there is also a focus on usability.

It’s a small thing, but Clarizen now has recurring tasks.  Microsoft Project has had this for as long as I can remember, and it is one of my favourite things to use. Who wants to type in monthly risk and issue reviews manually when you can set up a recurring task?  Now you can do recurring tasks in Clarizen too, and the interface looks like a combination of Project and Outlook for scheduling them.  The video below gives you an overview of how the recurring task feature works.

This video was produced by Clarizen, not me.

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