A Project Alphabet

The July issue of Project Management Tipoffs from Arras People included their fun attempt at updating the phonetic alphabet, along with a challenge to readers to have a go at creating their own.  Here’s my attempt, with a distinctly PM feel:

Want to know what Zombie PM is?  I’ll tell you next week!


  1. says

    Here is one for Web 2.0

    A – Android
    B – Best of Breed
    C – Conversation
    D – Design
    E – Easy!
    F – Firebug
    G – Geolocation
    H – Hyper-interactive
    I – “Innernet”
    J – Javascript
    K – Knowledge
    L – Lightweight
    M – Mobile Web
    N – New
    O – Open API
    P – Pixel Perfect
    Q – Quick
    R – Rich
    S – Social
    T – Thin Client
    U – User Experience
    V – Visual
    W – Web
    X – Xperience
    Y – Young
    Z – zIndex

    Hmm, this was harder than it looked.

  2. Andrey says


    I don’t really understand how “Politics” is related to PMs… I would say “Process” on letter P :)

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