6 Reasons To Use Your pm4success Subscription

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Inside PRINCE2 logoThe Inside PRINCE2 series continues with this look at pm4success.

Exam rooms for APMG exams like PRINCE2 can be daunting. The desks are clear apart from the papers you need. And somewhere on the desk is likely to be a leaflet for pm4success, the APMG’s website for exam candidates. In the stress of the exam, you could overlook the leaflet and forget to fill in the blanks to ensure you get access to the website. However, with over 1000 pages of content aimed at project and programme managers, it is worth remembering that you have free access to this site for 12 months after your exam.

Here are 6 reasons why you should log on to pm4success.

1:  Ask an Expert

You can Ask an Expert, or browse the questions that have already been asked. Those asked in the last 30 days are flagged as ‘new’ so you can see what’s been recently added. Questions are answered by people like the chief examiner, so you know you are getting a good quality reply. Some of the answers include templates or sample documents, so you get more than just a stock answer – you get a tailored response with useful additional material if they have something extra to share.

2:  Alchemy for Managers

You get a year’s subscription to Alchemy for Managers – which is very useful. Project management is also about good management, so brush up on all your basic (and some more advanced) general management topics. The year starts from the day you sign up to Alchemy, so it doesn’t run concurrent with your pm4success membership. This alone is worth logging on to pm4success for.

3:  OGC Resource Toolkit

There’s a guide to the OGC Resource Toolkit. The OGC website is extensive and difficult to navigate. pm4success provides direct links to the most useful entry points, documentation and briefings, which saves you time. It’s in flux at the moment as the OGC website is being updated.

4:  Mind Maps

There are Mind Maps to download for M_o_R, MSP and PRINCE2. You need to download Thoughtograph, a mindmap viewing tool to be able to view them. It’s not how I think or structure my notes, but for graphically-minded people it’s an aid to not having to build your own.

5:  Sample papers

There are sample exam papers available for PRINCE2, MSP, M_ o_R. Sample papers are a highly valuable resource. In order to get access to pm4success, you will have had to take one of those exams, but if you are thinking of taking another, you can get some exam practice in advance as part of your pre-course learning.

6:  Free

It’s free! There are over 1000 pages of content. While I found that some of it is not helpful at all (although it might be helpful to people at different stages of their career), there has to be something here you can use!

Will I renew my subscription?

No. Much of the content on pm4success is static, and while they do add new articles on a regular basis, it’s not enough to encourage me to pay the annual fee. The Ask an Expert feature is excellent, but the newsgroup is not very active and I’ll get the same benefit of discussion with my peers from forums on Gantthead or LinkedIn groups. Overall, it is a useful perk to have for a year, but not worth continuing after that.

Have you used pm4success? What do you think?


    • Elizabeth says

      pm4success is free for 12 months after taking an APMG exam. After that it’s £30 plus VAT per year, so it is not expensive to renew if you choose to.

  1. Nathalie Allard says

    I completely agree with everything that Elisabeth has said, but the only reason why I am considering renewing (well the first year was free so I wouldn’t exactly call it “renewing”) my subscription is because the “Ask an expert” feature is absolutely fantastic and for £30/year this alone is good value for money. The quality of the answers were first class and coming from the chief examiner, well you can’t get better than that.

    I also enjoy the Monday tip from “Alchemy for Managers” but I think there is an additional subscription to pay.

    pm4success needs to be redesigned because at the moment it doesn’t really offer value for money (except for Ask the expert).

    • Elizabeth says

      Nathalie, I’m glad you find the Ask the Expert feature worth the cost of signing up for Year 2. I am getting the Monday Alchemy tips for free, but I think that is also just for a year – after that I believe you have to pay. I agree that a redesign is overdue, as the site could offer so much more.

  2. says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for the mention of Alchemy within your post. Much appreciated :-)

    Just to clear up a couple of points raised within the comments…

    Alchemy is free for any pm4success.com subscriber, so if you renew with pm4success.com, you will also get your Alchemy sub renewed for the same period. It is much cheaper to do it this way than buy Alchemy direct from us.

    The Alchemy weekly tips are free forever, even if you no longer have access to Alchemy itself.

    And by the way, I have great fun thinking up a new tip each week, and you can see all the previous tips on the blog at http://www.peoplealchemy.co.uk/blog

    Best wishes, Paul
    MD at People Alchemy

    • Elizabeth says

      Paul, thanks for the clarification, and for the link to your blog of all the tips. I’ll take a look!

    • Nathalie Allard says

      It’s good to know Paul, however I am still entitled to the pm4success subscription and when I click on the links inside your Monday Tips, I get a message to login or subscribe.

      Thanks again for your Monday tips I always read them and try to learn from them.

      • says

        Hi Nathalie,
        Thanks for your kind words about the tips :-)
        When you click on a link within a tip, you should see that page. When click to navigate to somewhere else in Alchemy, you will get the “welcome guest visitor” page. There is a link on that page to take you to the Alchemy login.
        I recommend that you tick the “Remember me” box next time you login.
        My best wishes,

  3. Abba juddum mohammed says

    please, am one of your student who sat for the 2009 exam which was conducted in in one of the university at west London, we successfully passed the exam and my registration number is P2R/386301 also the Certificate Number is 0226744-01-3EQP and Alan Harpham (APMG Chairman) sign our Certificate. may confirmation is how can i continue to do my subscription and be an active member and also conduct my second examination on next step.

    • says

      Hello. You can log in on the pm4success homepage (www.pm4success.com). There is also a link on that page for what to do if you are having trouble logging in. From what I remember, you have to pay for subscription after your free period expires. You can contact any supplier who runs PRINCE2 Refresher courses or Recertification exams and book to take the exam again. Hope that helps.

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