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PRINCE2 and PMBoK: why both?

The OGC, the UK body that produces PRINCE2, is doing a lot at the moment to show how PRINCE2 supports and integrates with other project management standards and methods.   Earlier this year, I shared a video with you about how PRINCE2 fits with APM’s body of knowledge.  In this video, Andy Murray, the lead author on PRINCE2:2009, talks about how PMI’s PMBoK and PRINCE2 can work together.

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  • Elizabeth (another one!) 9/06/2010, 11:46 am

    Useful to know, thank you. When advising about training courses, I occasionally speak to people interested in both PRINCE2 and PMBoK.

    • Elizabeth 9/06/2010, 4:48 pm

      Elizabeth, I think until we have a single standard (if we ever do), there is going to be the need for people to draw from different approaches. I wonder if the new ISO standard will make any difference to what training requests you get.

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