E-learning: a tool for project handover

Projects involve change, and change normally means you have to encourage/cajole the people who are being changed into learning the new way of doing things.  Part of any project is to ensure that those changes are embedded, and we need to have tasks in the project plan equating to managing this business change.

Often, business change means people need to be retrained.  There are plenty of ways to do this: one-to-one, classroom, books, handouts, manuals, walking the floor, cascading from a super-user and so on.  But training done well is normally labour intensive and it can be expensive, especially when you have to cover trainer or delegates’ travel costs.

E-learning is one way to get round that, and it’s something we should be considering more often as a tool to support business change and project handover into operations.  This video is about the future of e-learning and covers some interesting points that you could take into account for your next project.


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    Lars had a good point that covered my concern. E-Learning must be reactive to the audience, so you must have different approaches based on who is learning.

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    Yes, thanks for highlighting that. E-learning works best when it’s interactive, although I have used online courses before that cannot react to the needs of the user and in some situations they are OK – but not as good as having someone pitch something directly at your level.

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